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KNOWLEDGE and ABILITY... A retired graduate engineer with formal clubmaking and fitting training, coupled with continuing education, assures that I understand the product, processes and procedures to provide professional fitting recommendations and build high quality, high-performing clubs. This includes a competent knowledge of golf swing movements and golf club component characteristics and how the two interact in producing the optimum ball flight, distance and accuracy for your game.  I have been building custom golf clubs since 1987.

No clubmaker... I repeat, NO clubmaker takes more time to meticulously build your custom golf clubs to the highest level of quality... from shaft tipping and precise measurements to turning and polishing of the ferrules.  During the club building process, the following measurements are recorded for each club: description of head/shaft/grip, head weight, raw shaft weight, club length, shaft tipping amount, hosel weight, grip weight, preliminary swingweight, ferrule used, shaft butt diameter, grip core diameter and number of wraps under the grip. All finished irons and woods have the following measurements recorded: length, total weight, swingweight and MOI value. In-process and finished club measurement data are maintained to serve you in the future.  All shafts are spine-aligned.  Clubs are MOI-matched where appropriate.

PACKAGING... All your custom golf clubs will be carefully and professionally packaged and insured for shipment.

KEEPING YOU INFORMED... Once you place an order, I will keep you informed as events occur: (1) when your payment is received, (2) when I have ordered the components, (3) when I have received the components, (4) when I have started building your golf clubs, (5) when I have finished your clubs, (6) when I have shipped your order and the tracking number for the shipment.  Assuming the components are in stock at the supplier, for a single club it takes about six working days from order date to shipment date.  A set of irons typically takes six to seven working days from order date to shipment date. 

FEEDBACK... I always ask that once you have formed some opinions about your custom golf clubs that you share them with me.  I want to be sure that you are happy with your clubs and that I have helped you shave a few strokes or added some enjoyment to your game.  That is why I build and ship custom golf clubs.  

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