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Just wanted you to know this club (Wishon 919F/D) is just what I hoped it would be. Has increased my drives by 10 to 15 yards when I swing in tempo (I tend to get fast at times) and is very accurate even for an old guy who has troubling with alignment. Thanks again.
A little update, have been out twice now with the driver (Wishon 919F/D), all I can say is WOW.  I love this thing, most shots are dead straight, did have a few with a very slight draw.  Trajectory is great and role is also great.  On Tues at the course I play most at the 17th hole is a 350 yard par 4 over water from the tee.  My drive ended 90 yards from the pin, best drive I have ever had on that hole.  Thanks again.
"Here are the carry distances for the (Sterling Single Length) irons you built for me last fall.  I'm very happy with how they are performing.  Occasionally, there will be a swing that produces some extra yardage but this is what I've been going by this spring.  5H 170, 6i 160, 7i 150, 8i 140, 9i 130 PW 120, GW 105, SW 95."
"Actually played today!!! Love the putter (Wishon CB-1 Cavity Black). Need to get adjusted to the feel of it (it’s heavier than my previous putter) but I know I’m going to love it."
"Just to let you know since I now had the opportunity to play the irons (Wishon 771 4-PW) you made for me.  I am very pleased with these.  I find them very  easy to play with quite solid and relatively long shots (compared to other traditional lofted irons ), even if not hit at the sweet spot (compared to my Mizuno JPX 900 Tour).  I do have another set of irons just for fun with bamboo shafts and graphite inlays which I suppose are the ultimate in softness, but the feeling with the wishon irons you made comes quite close to these.  I suppose it is a very good combination of the heads and the Wishon shafts. Besides, I allways have a good feeling when I take the Wishons, since you made them really perfect."

 "So sorry I haven't been in touch. It's been a bit chaotic with the travel etc. The fairway woods (Wishon 929HS) and hybrid (Wishon Sterling 5H) are in the bag and here is the feedback. I first gamed them in the club champs, although held back the 5 hybrid until round 2. Sadly I didn't play well (I didn't really expect to to be honest) and ended up 4th. I didn't use the 4 wood much but hit one stinker, which was me not the club. Since then I have hit is a few times and am pleased with it. It goes much better than my old 4 wood and is easy off tee and deck. I have a slight preference for a bit deeper face, so will eventually have the 949 head made up to the same spec and swap that in. It looks very nice and suits my eye. However the 929 is very nice and the shallow face (which I was nervous of) is no issue. The 7 wood is REALLY good. Scary good. It's one of those rare clubs (for me) that feels unbelievably easy to hit. I've used it quite a bit and seem to be able to hit it solid, high and far with little effort. The set up of the club must be perfect for me. It also fills the one glaring gap I had which was from 5 iron (165-170m) to 5 wood (which I could hit about 185-195m). I hit the 7 wood about 175-180m so it's perfect. I didn't initially take to the look of the Sterling 5 hybrid (which I had suspected, as I have seen the 775h and had the same feeling). That's why I didnt put it in the bag initially. It felt like I would hook every shot for some reason. But I took it to the range and got used to it quickly. It's a good club now. I can hit it probably more consistently and higher than the 5 iron, and will definitely need it more as I age. For now I will probably use the 5 iron on the very windy days, otherwise the hybrid will be my default club. Pleased that I went for it. My initial plan was to (reluctantly) drop the 919 FD, but have realised that I can keep this in the bag and instead leave out my old 50 deg wedge which is close to the Sterling GW in terms of distance. So now my set up is:

919 Driver

919 FD - (i) for shorter par 4's (ii) for when I am right on the edge of my range (say 250 yards) and want to have a tilt (which is quite often!) and (iii) when it's windy and I want to keep a long shot very low

929 4 wood - some short par 4's and most long fairway shots

929 7 wood - very short par 4's and par 5 lay ups where the distance is not crucial but accuracy is. Also some long par 3's if windy

Sterling 5 hybrid - or the 5 iron if windy

Sterling 6-GW

Scor wedges - 54 and 58

The next thing on the list may be some of the new TWGT wedges in 56 and 60, as the Scor wedges are getting a little tired. But that might be too much gap from the Sterling GW, so we will have to see. Anyway, that's the feedback. I'm very happy with them. Thanks again for the great service."

"So far that club (Wishon 919F/D Fairway Wood) is the most solid club I have hit in a very long time."

"Only played twice.  Like the irons (Wishon 771).  Struggled to get much elevation on driver (Wishon 919).  Check back with me in a couple of months."

"I added a little lead weight to the inside perimeter of the head (Wishon 919 driver) and hit the ball very well with a good draw. Longest hit was 232... yes!  Nice dessert roll.  Very satisfied.  Thanks so much." 

"Been out with the new clubs (Wishon 950-3, 950-5, 950-7, Sterling 6 & 7 Single Length Irons) a few times now.  They are all working out pretty good.  Feel like I will have more consistency with my longer clubs now. They all feel solid with a nice trajectory.  Thanks again for all your help."

"I really enjoy the clubs (Wishon 919-1, 950-4, 775-3, 775-4) you recently built for me.  The driver is particularly great.  I hit a bunch of fairways the other day and am getting better distance than I did out of my Callaway XR Pro.  I am interested in getting a set of 565 MC irons built 5-AW.  I currently play the Wishon S2 Red 105 (discontinued I believe) in my set."

"I'm hitting the 5-iron (Sterling Single Length) pretty well.  I'd like to get a 6 and 7 iron to go with it.  I think I'm going to stick with my current 8i-wedges for now."

"Real life got out of the way and I got to put the Sterlings (Single Length Irons) in play. They're perfect. Thanks for the stellar job and the communication throughout."

"I've been out a few times with the new driver (Wishon 919).  I'm hitting the ball really well, the feel is amazing. The trajectory is better than any driver I've hit in several years.  Gained around 15 yards just with the better launch and lower spin. Really happy with it so far.  I would really love every club in my bag to feel as good as this one."

"Sorry for the delay in replying.  The Scottish summer has prevented me playing as much as I'd like and I didn't want to give you half baked feedback.  The (Sterling Single Length) irons are really great.  They feel almost as good as my Srixon forged irons, though the 5-7 are a little more"clicky" in sound of the face.  I am about a club longer up to and including the 8 iron which is now around 155-160 yds carry, despite the shorter length of the shafts and the 9 iron and PW are slightly longer.  I haven't decided on whether to use the GW or fit my other wedges to the PW distance (which is about 135 yards for me).  You were right that the shorter irons are most difficult to get my head around. Hitting shorter shots with a longer shaft but it's surprising how quickly the body adapts.  My usual fitter is Wishon registered so I'm going to go and get the lofts tweaked in the next month or so. Love the shafts (Wishon S2S Stepless Steel S) you installed, they feel great.  All in all a very positive review I would say.  They are not a magic bullet or anything but I'm sticking with them as they perform better than ANY pervious irons I can remember using, especially the long irons."

"The clubs (Sterling Single Length Irons) look and feel great.  I love the grips, and the overall look and feel of the clubs.  I have only played twice since I received them, and have not yet had a chance to go to the range to practice.  The yardages that I got with the clubs were almost identical to my yardages with my conventional set of clubs, and I hit my longer irons more consistently well than in the past."

"Hi RJ, you made a 590DIH 2 iron for me this past year that I dearly love.  I hit it about 10 times a round (off the tee on short par 4s and 2nd shot on par 5s).  Straight straight straight.  Most everyone I play with tells me to put my driver away and just hit the 2 iron.  That club by itself has knocked 3-4 strokes a round off my game."

"The clubs (Sterling Single Length Irons) are wonderful.   As I have gained experience, I hit them straighter and to a more consistent distance than any previous irons that I have played.   The same setup for all clubs takes time to become second nature.  My only complaint is that I hit the 5 iron on a little lower trajectory than I am accustomed to.    Several of my golfing compatriots are interested,  if they commit, I will steer them your way."

I received the club today (Wishon 950HC 4-Wood) and had a chance to hit it at the range tonight.  I have nothing but positive feedback for you.  Your assembly and packaging were spot on.  I appreciate the attention to detail.  The club is EXCELLENT.  Having a fairway wood with a flat lie angle is a gift from heaven.  I hit this about 230 from a tee and 225 off the deck.  It goes nice and high, flat, and perfectly straight.

"Love the 575!!!!! More forgiving than I had expected and the DG SL (shaft) is producing a nice flight. Same price for a blade 575 50 degree wedge?"

"There's me, bragging about my great golf and I did forget. Michelle has been playing a bit too, and still loves her Wishons (870TI Irons). I think when we got her clubs in 2013 she was a 23 handicap. Well last month she got down to .... (drum roll) .... a 13 handicap!  So you can put that in your 'satisfied customers' file! 10 shots better in under 3 years. Not bad eh?

"I thought I would let you know that I am still loving my clubs. Right now I am driving it as well as I ever have done, and my iron play ain't too shabby either. I'm coming off two consecutive rounds of 75 (one was played with the General Manager at Westlake, and we came second in the comp). Down to a 7 handicap now. As you know I am a bit of a club ho (as I think they call it), so from time to time I do try out one or other of my old sets, but I always go back to the Wishons pretty quickly."

"The Wishon 575 6 iron is easily the best looking iron I have owned over the last 40 plus years of playing.  I will let you know next week my thoughts. Thank you so much for the great work, it is a fine looking instrument!"

"I was finally able to take the clubs (Wishon 771 irons) out yesterday for a range session. I must say they look stunning. I was hitting them very well and my trajectory control was spot on. We'll see how I get along with them on the course.... I'll keep you posted."


"I have been at  the courses  for a considerable period of time since you supplied me with the Wishon 919 driver and the 771 iron set.  The slice that has been in my bag has virtually disappeared. To be honest, I credit the fitting with that gain at least as much as the driver.  However, the distance and precision gain is all clubs. These clubs provide an effortless swing, leading to repeatability and allowing consistent results.  I highly recommend these clubs, but apart from the high quality of the Wishon items, I feel that a large part of my improved game is due to your professional fitting.  I am very happy for the work you did on my behalf and I thank you for looking after my weaknesses."

"Ronnie, all I can say is thank you so much for putting my clubs (Wishon 575MMC) together. The ball rockets off the face and in the beginning I thought I had missed the ball because the impact feel of the club is kind of like hitting butter. Thank you for your time and effort and professionalism – I love my irons.

"As always, the iron and your craftsmanship were great.  Instead of taking it easy, I put the 7 and 9 irons (Wishon 771CSI) to work this weekend in a tournament setting.  The course had elevated greens so I ended up short on some shots.  After I clubbed up my yardages, my GIR increased.  If given 125-130 same elevation targets, the 9 iron worked beautifully.  I even started experiment with 7 iron punch shots under trees."

"Hey Ronnie!  Just finished hitting the driver  (Wishon 919THI) and I really like it.  Very solid and doesn't seem like it will launch too high for me even with the loft.  Seems to be flying every bit as far as the Titleist and less labor hitting it.

“I had the chance to take the club (Wishon 771CSI 7-Iron) onto the course.  The club feels great.  I like the feeling at impact (feels like a forged club even though TW won't label it that way) and reinforces correct hand and wrist technique.  High straight shots and fades all day.  For the 3 approach shots used with the club, I found the green in regulation each time.  The feeling from hitting the 7 iron carried over to my other clubs and my GIR's increased.  I'm going to take it out a few more times.  I'll touch base with you in a few weeks for the 9 iron build.”

"Hi Ronnie.  I'm happy with my driver so far (Wishon 919THI).  It took getting use to.  I hit a lower boring shot that gets plenty of roll.  I hit it low but not too low.  The feedback when you hit a good drive doesn't feel any different than a off center hit so it took me a while to realize I was getting the same distance I was with my Callaway.  In other words it doesn't feel like I'm hitting it as solid but when I get to my ball it is as long or longer than my Callaway.  I'm happy with it so far.  I'm hitting it better every time I play.  I will keep you posted. Thanks.

"Hi Ronnie. I have enjoyed my new irons so far (Wishon 771CSI).  They are very consistent.  I may be interested in a driver and wanted to know what you recommend.  I hit my Callaway ok but It feels too long and I have to be careful with my tempo.  I want a driver I can feel more comfortable swinging harder.  Thanks."

"Hi Ronnie.  I am very pleased with my irons (Wishon 771CSI).  I shot a 79 today.  The only missed shots were when I had the wrong selection of club distance wise.  You did a fine job.  Thank you."

I received my club (Wishon 919THI) a little after noon today.  I hit 20 or so on the range and a handful from a few different tees at my home course.  I think you got this one right.  I didn't know drivers could have this much control. It has a great balanced feel, opposed to the head heavy driver I was playing.  I'm a little over my head talking about shaft characteristics, but I could definitely tell that the kick point was more mid-shaft than my old driver.  Ball flight was down a little and I felt like I could fell the club head better throughout the swing.  Sometimes with my old driver it would sometimes feel like I lost the head on the downswing.  Mishits were less frequent with the shorter length club and the penalty wasn't nearly as severe.  The ball seemed to take on less sidespin compared to my old driver for shots of equal distance away from the center of the club.  A center hit yielded slightly more distance over my old driver.  It soles nicely, in a way that meets my eye and gives confidence.  I felt like I was constantly having to hold my old driver open at address.  I found it to be workable and could get a slight draw, but found it easy to fall back on a little fade, a shot that I come to prefer.  I feel like this club will suit my needs better as I transition to playing more control off the tee.  Now I only wish I had the weather to play a few more rounds!"

"Ronnie: I have tested the 6i (Wishon 870Ti) today at the range and felt the swing was more comfortable than my existing 6i with Project X 4.5 shaft. The ball flight is higher, straighter on the flight path in comparison, the off-center hit is more forgiving and the distance range is more consistent in comparison."

"Hi Ronnie , I used the 959 (Wishon 959OL) driver yesterday.  I
t worked even better than I'd hoped.  I hit every fairway and they were nice long drives.  The fairways were very soft, so I can't wait to see how far they will roll out on dry grass.  Again, thank you so much for your help and club building skills.  I'm so glad that I bought this driver from you!" 

"Liking my club
(Wishon 730CL Dual Wedge) and improving each time I use it. My score seems to be going down since using it. For me, a couple strokes is GOOD!!  Happy, Happy."

"Hi Ronnie.  Just a quick one.  Mrs G played her league game today and called me afterwards. She said "I played ab-so-lute-ly ..." and then there is this long pause and I'm thinking 'please don't say "terribly", please'... So she says 'amazingly'!  She plays off 23 (after reaching 17 a year or two back).  She won her match 6&5, shooting 42 out and then par, par, par, birdie on 10 thru 13. So 5 over after 13 at which point they sadly had to walk off as the match was done.  I think you can call that a success, don't you?  She loves the clubs (Wishon 870Ti Irons), needless to say."

"Hello Ronnie.  I thought I would give you a bit of feedback on the clubs you made up for me and the wife.  Michelle christened the 870 irons (plus the 775 hybrids that I got from ebay) on Tuesday.  Unfortunately she didn't play that well, but it was mainly her short game that let her down.  plus lack of practice.  She loves the irons and noticed that she had to hit a club less than before, so she's obviously striking them better.  The main thing now is for her to practice so that she can do them justice.  Overall she is delighted and I'm not surprised because they are lovely clubs. Great job!  Now on to my driver.  As you know, I found the previous 10 deg model really solid but had a tendency to lose it low and right.  I took the new 11 deg model to the range on Weds and hit about 25 balls. I have just 3 words to say: OMG!  I can't believe how good it is.  As I said I only hit 20 or so balls, but man was it solid and the feeling when I middled it (which seemed like every shot) was ridiculous.  The trajectory was absolutely perfect.  I'd been using my 'reserve' SMT driver whilst I waited for this one, and had been playing OK with it.  But to me there is no comparison to the 919THI.  I'm playing on Sunday and we are set for good weather, so I'm hoping that my form translates the course.  I just wanted to say thanks again for a great job, and also let Tom know what I think of the driver (seeing as though he is the one who designed it!)  I keep telling my mates from the UK to forget this OEM crap and get some proper clubs. So far I have been unable to convince them, but one day maybe they will cross over from the dark side!  I just wanted to ask one thing Ronnie.  I am now toying with the idea of a new 3 wood and wondered which one would be best.  I see there is the 929, 949 and the 915 f/h, all of which seem great. I'm not sure of the difference though.  I used to play with a 15 deg hybrid so the notion of a hybrid rather than a true fairway wood is ok with me. Do you have any thoughts on what might suit me? I'd probably end up scouring ebay so might not be able to choose, but thought I'd ask the guru!  Thanks to both of you for a fabulous job."

"I played golf twice at the courses testing how the new clubs behave.  Wedges have been immediate success.  Better than old models.  On driver, I got accustomed to the club on my second round, and I liked this new driver.  On hybrid, it still requires me to hit it straight.  The previous hybrid is reliable and goes straight while the new one fades.  I am not complaining at all, rather I got amused!  Probably this new one is more honest in revealing my swing deficiencies.  Time would solve this gap."

"Ronnie, the Wishon 560MC irons arrived yesterday.  They look and feel great, build quality is superb.  Thanks again for all your effort.  I checked swingweights on my scale, and I like the progression.  I can only gauge the MOI matching by feel, but as you say, they do all feel similar on full swings.  I went to the range yesterday evening, and was hitting a lot of great shots with every iron.  I was surprised, and happy, to see that I was getting about 1-club more distance with the 560MCs compared to my old Maltby irons.  About 10 yards more for each club; warm, humid weather may have accounted for some of that, but certainly not more than a couple yards.  The interesting thing about this is that the 560MC lofts are exactly the same as my old irons.  So, maybe it's a better clubhead, better shaft, proper swingweights, ... , whatever it is, I'm thrilled and excited.  The clubs are easy to hit well, and I still get quite a bit out of a mis-hit shot."

"Clubs arrived!  Beautiful clubs, both shape of heads and shafts.  Worth having waited and together with K____ I went to driving range and found out I really like them.  This weekend we decided to play in our golf course located 120 miles west of Tokyo where we have cottage.  Thanks, anticipating that these clubs perform nicely."

"The 5-iron arrived last Friday, and as you say, it's a beautiful club; I appreciate the great job you did assembling it. I tried it out on the range this afternoon, and I like it a lot. I was getting good distance and ball flight, also good control and accuracy. Although similar to my old irons, the slightly larger head and higher MOI make the Wishon 560MC more forgiving, and a bit easier to hit. Also, the Wishon S2S shaft seems right for me, and the standard lie angle is fine.

"I have been playing with the Wishons for a couple of months now, and have been enjoying them.  I've also been feeling that there is a really good round in me. I always hope to break 80, and often do, with my best 18 hole round being 76.  But generally I shoot 78 ish and can't quite go below that level.  That changed on Sunday when I shot my first level par round.  Obviously a lot of things contribute to a round like that, not least putting. but what was really nice was that I hit several  iron shots sweeter than I have ever done before. Two or three in particular felt so pure, and went an extra 10m just because of the quality of the strike. The clubs are just so fantastic, and what's more I am getting 20 more metres out of the driver (I'm not sure if I told you about my 275m (305yd) drive the other week?)  So all in all the clubs are absolutely great and I am delighted that I managed to track you down from so far away!"

"Keiko liked the new set!  With more flex shaft and irons with more loft, her ball height has become higher.  her comment is that she has full confidence in your club and clubmaking and now she lets the shaft do the job.  having said that, her driver shot tends to go left, probably by not having adjusted to the new shaft."

"I'm normally very good with words, but I'm at a loss to fully describe the difference that PUREing makes.  Reflecting back on today's outing, I would say that any low-to-mid handicapper who doesn't do this for himself is needlessly leaving-behind at least a couple of strokes every round.  Simply put, every club in the bag is equally sweet... and I mean SWEET... which makes for a really relaxed quiet confidence.  As I wrote in my earlier email, on the range I could tell something was terribly awry (in a good way) - I did not hit one... and I mean not ONE bad shot.  That said, the round wasn't perfect.  I did have one errant tee shot - when, in today's 20-25 mph gusting winds I needed more carry off of a tee than was really doable with a 4-wood... so I swung a little too hard/quick and proceeded to hit a careening pull-hook where I lost the ball.  Re-teed, swung smoothly, and (like every other shot of the day) it was right down the middle.  Moral to that story wasn't lost on me (and while I scored it properly I'm not counting that one as a missed fairway because of my own stupidity... if I'd let the club do what it wanted to - as I did on the re-teeing - I would've been where I should've been... and, as it was, I was home on that par 5 with four strokes... plus the two stroke teeing penalty).  Consider me your biggest cheerleader, Ronnie.  I am in LOVE with my new sticks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Damn.  Just damn.  I'm back from 18 holes with the new clubs, and I'm still stunned (as are my buddies).  This 7-hcp carded a 78, which included two missed 2'-3' birdie putts.  I simply cannot believe what a difference these clubs make (both the heads and the PUREd shafts).  So much so that I'm now thinking the unthinkable...  Hopefully, you kept my specs handy?  If yes, while I don't really have the funds to be doing this right now, I don't care (it's like a drug that I've gotta get more-of)... I want to fill-out this set, and junk my regular set (Pings/Cleveland).  Here's what I'm thinking: #5,#7,#9, #A Wishon 870Ti, 919-11THI Driver (I have never had a lot of success hitting 9-degree drivers, and I don't like the hook-offset they describe on the 10.5 model), 919THI #7.  Would you please quote me a price for these, built to exactly the same spec as the others (including headcovers for the woods)?  You wanted feedback... let's do the negatives first (which are obviously minor, if I'm wanting to go full-time to a full-set):  (1) When the irons are soled, they have kind of a "clunky" appearance... a couple of times I referred to them as my orthopedic shoes.  But when you see the ball fly long-and-straight off of them, that reaction is quickly tempered.  (2) Again, with the irons, I'm guessing it's because of the design but they're a little harder to work the ball than are my Pings (they kind of remind me of my MX-23s in that regard - very forgiving, nice launch, but everything flies straight (even mis-hits).  I have nothing negative to say about the 919THI #4 wood - it looks sweet, and hits even sweeter.  Distance-wise, they're very comparable to my other clubs - the distances I was used-to are what these produced on any given shot.  But what has me chomping-at-the-bit to do a full changeover is the ball flight: namely, straight.  I didn't miss a fairway all day with the wood (I'm not sure I've EVER said that about a round), and with my normal distance it was no handicap teeing-off even on the longest par 5s with a #4 wood.  Mis-hit, and you get a slight push or pull... but they stay straight.  Beautiful sound when the ball meets the clubface, with a very soft, pleasant feel.  The irons have a slightly dead feel... eh, that sounds a bit strong, but they're not ultra-responsive to the touch (I suspect a tour-caliber player would want to stay with blades for the immediacy of feedback).  But I like the forgiveness (two shots I hit this morning immediately spring to mind - I lost about half-a-club distance on two really bad mis-hits, but the line wasn't bad at all... I was still around the green).  I'm still thoroughly blown-away.  I really liked my Pings, but they took 3-4 rounds before I got the hang of them.  These?  The first few shots on the warm-up range had me muttering - I was completely taken-aback at how well and easily they hit.  Wishon has himself a real winner with these.  I love these clubs.  I love how you built them.  Now please tell me you can finish-out the set for me - even if it takes awhile to get those same shafts?!!  I'll end as I began.  Damn.  Just damn.  What a magnificent (and pleasant) surprise!  Thanks again... you have a new devotee, for sure!"

"Received the (Wishon 850Ti) clubs today, and looked better than on the Wishon website!  I'll give a quick review since I only got to hit about 100 balls at the range today into pretty windy conditions...and will give you a better on when I get to play a few rounds with them.  First, the assembly was flawless down to every detail (grips, shafts, and clubhead alignments, ferrules, etc).  Craftsmanship was obviously first-class!  As for the shafts, absolutely perfect for me.  I'd definitely recommend the lighter FST Tour shafts for those not quite as strong (I'm 6' and weigh 210 lbs).  They have a great feel (especially with the Prosoft inserts) and keep the ball from ballooning (and I'm a high-ball hitter).  Extremely smooth feeling (better than DG w/SensiCore, and similar trajectory).  The clubheads are beautiful.  A bit thicker top-line than I've played recently, but the minimal offset makes them much more friendly to shot-makers while still being extremely forgiving.  Definitely long, but hard to judge real accurately since I was hitting into a gusty wind at the range.  I'd say the only negative (if it's bad) is that there wasn't a whole lot of feedback.  Even my less-than-perfect swings flew pretty nicely, and there was no "sting" to them.  Shots off the toe or heel lost very minimal distance (2-10 yards depending on the club) and didn't "jar" the hands or arms at all (probably a combination of the clubhead, shaft and inserts).  I was able to work the ball in both directions (I hit a gentle draw by trade), and also able to hit pretty decent knock-downs or "stingers" for the longer irons.  I'd definitely recommend these clubheads for anyone looking for ultra forgiveness without giving up the ability to work their shots when needed.  I definitely haven't played any clubs that are more forgiving on off-center hits (the Tour Edge Exotics EX-1 are the only ones that come close).  For the price, the FST shafts are unbeatable and the cost-effectiveness of the Prosoft inserts makes that combination a pretty good deal.  Finally, the MOI matching you did is perfect.  I've had clubs matched by swingweight only before, so didn't know what I was missing.  Every club feels almost identical (except for the length, of course) when swinging.  Wasn't sure you could match up without doing an in-person fitting, but if someone can give you their measurements (wrist-to-floor, driver speed and average distance and 5-iron speed) along with their swing tempo and loading (per your website)'s almost as good as being there in person (possibly lie angle if they can get on a lie board for their swings somewhere). The (Wishon CX Micro) wedges you built are outstanding as well.  Exceptional feel, and I'm sure they'll spin fine as I've never had a problem bringing a wedge back.  In conclusion, the clubs and your fitting/assembly have exceeded my every expectation.  I'll gladly recommend you to anyone looking for a "custom fit" set of clubs, and would also put in a great pitch for Wishon Golf.  I especially appreciate theirs and your support for our military folks keeping us safe...and I was the beneficiary in this case with getting these clubs probably before any other individual!"

"It finally got warm enough for me to hit my new 3-wood.  The club is fantastic and I thank you very much!

"I used the new Snake Eyes (Quick Strike Q3U) club, the minute it arrived. My Dad took me to the range to try it out.  It immediately became my favorite club.  The balance and the feel of the club are perfect. I want to thank you for the hard work you put into it."

"Just thought we would let you know how your (Snake Eyes and Wishon) golf clubs are performing.  I'm doing well playing off 8.  Golfer of the year two years running in the UK construction industry golf society, winner of two cups in my home club and represented Hampshire in a UK public course versus the USA public course last month.  The wife is even more impressive.  She's plummeted to 22 and has won three cups in the club two years running and having won a regional final is off to St Andrews in September for the UK final.  We've recently won the UK section of a competition called the Bader mixed foursomes cup and we are off to Portugal for the final, also in September while we came runner up in the Hampshire mixed foursomes last week.  All using your clubs which perform as well today as when you made them (three years ago in 2005)."

"Well Ronnie, it was a fantastic weekend. I’ll break everything down by club.  Driver: You already know my impressions of the Snake Eyes Mamba 2 driver, and it performed flawlessly. Or, better put, it made me look like I knew how to drive a golf ball. I don’t think I hit a single drive that was less than 280, and I had a pair of 300+ (including the roll, of course). I’ve NEVER hit the ball that far. The drives were straight as an arrow and I even drew a few here and there. This club made me look GOOD!  Irons: The Snake Eyes Python XL irons were beautiful. They feel very soft at contact – almost like a forged blade – which I wasn’t expecting. I don’t think I had any mis-hits, and I had a 4 iron hit that went through a tree and landed on the green about 220 yards out. Yes, 220 yards AFTER going through a tree (granted, the green was probably about -15 yards in elevation, but STILL… WOW!). Again, I’m glad my wife was there to witness it. As a matter of fact, all of my irons were going much further than I’m used to. I only got to hit my 5 iron once, but it carried about 200 yards. Once again, that was a first! My wedges were going further than I’m used to, and this *technically* hurt my score, but only because I need to sort out my "new" distances! I cut about 5 strokes over 9 holes (on each of the three outings, for a total of 27 holes), and that was with overshooting several greens within 100 yards. Once I "recalibrate" my club selection, I’m going to be hovering around the 90 mark – a first for me!  Hybrid: This Snake Eyes Quick Strike Q3U was the sleeper club in my bag. I’ve never hit a hybrid before, and I haven’t paid it much attention throughout this process. Well, the first time I hit it I was 240 yards out from the green. I could either play it safe and lay up with my 4 iron, or I could be greedy and see what this hybrid fuss is all about. The ball landed on the back side of the green, leaving me with a 10 foot putt for birdie (quite a rare opportunity for me). I *LOVE* this club!!! I only got to use it 4 or 5 times out, but it treated me very well every time, and it was straight as an arrow every time.  Putter: As you know, I’m coming from a mallet-style putter that was too long for me. The Snake Eyes Z-9 M1 putter you built for me looks so clean at address and it fits like a worn-in baseball glove. I made a few long putts that would be hit or miss with my old putter, but more importantly, the 5’ to 10’ putts – you know, the ones that are *just long enough to miss* - went in far more frequently than in the past. The putter also delivers much better feel and feedback, which I never had before. This putter made putting fun! Of course, I had to buy a new bag to put your clubs in; there’s no way I could put such finely crafted instruments in the same bag that housed those wrenches I used to play with. Each club deserved its own little private spot in the bag. I’ve attached some pictures for your satisfaction. So needless to say, I’m absolutely THRILLED with the clubs. I’ve always heard that golf was one of the few sports where the equipment actually matters. I believed this to a certain degree, but you’ve made a total believer out of me. I joked with my wife that I was going to ask you to build me a second set in case the first set ever got struck by lightning. I’m trying to talk her into a set of her own, but she says she doesn’t play enough golf to justify it. If you had clubs like these, you would!"

"I hit the driving range today to test the driver out, and WOW is all I can say.  I don’t think you could hit a bad ball with that stick if you tried!  The net at our range is about 265 yards out and is pretty high, and I was hitting it with every shot. I hit one or two balls OVER IT, too, which I have never done before (it’s a pretty high net).  Drawing the ball was as easy as closing my stance just a bit; the ball carried along a beautiful curve and landed yards within the target very consistently.  My old driver could be drawn, but not with any reliability at all.  My slight push didn’t rear its ugly head at all; if anything, I pulled/hooked a few, but that was likely due to me overdoing my stance on a draw attempt.  The sound the club makes when it hits the ball is unlike anything I’ve ever heard, but like you said before: if she treats you well, you’ll make sacrifices!  This club was DEFINITELY treating me well today!  The beauty of it all was that I could absolutely rip into it and give it 110% of my controllable power, and it STILL went straight as an arrow.  If my wife hadn’t been with me, I don’t think she would have believed it.  I had one hit where I topped it a bit and sent a line drive to center field – despite having a totally flat trajectory, it STILL hit the net while on an ASCENT.  I was floored!!!  A topped ball hitting a net 265 yards out ON THE CLIMB!?!?  Thank you for talking me out of the XL and into the Mamba 2!"

"Ronnie, cash the check and spend the profits!  The Wishon 949MC driver you designed and built is perfect.  I have played three  rounds with it and I am totally satisfied.  The sound is a non-issue and the MOI feels just right.  I am teeing the ball lower and don't have to worry about achieving a good ball flight.  I do believe that I am  hitting the ball about 10 yards farther on average and on dead solid hits even further.  Great job!  I believe that my three-year search is  over."

"The driver is great and doing fine to my game as you can see on attachment (Arabian Ranches Golf Club Men’s Fourball Champions 2007/2008 - Dubai, United Arab Emirates)."

"Just a note to let you know I tried the Wishon 915HL 3 wood out today and am very pleased !  The club was easy to hit off the deck.  It really inspires confidence with the head seeming a little longer from toe to heel and the offset gives time to square the club face.  The Wishon 7B2P shaft seems just right as well.  Feels like you can take a good swing at the ball yet at the same time does not feel too "boardy".  Able to hit a nice draw and feels nice off clubface.  Thanks for the recommendation !!"

"I am writing to let you know how the 3-wood worked for me.  I had you make me a 3-wood last fall and I was finally able to use it this spring.  The club felt really good, it is probably the best feeling club in my bag.  And I hit very long, nearly as far as the driver I have.  I was wondering if you could recommend a driver for me."

"Just had to drop you a line.  You made me a Snake Eyes Tour 5-wood... a Snake Eyes Tour, stiff, D-3.  Today I had a 205-yard hole-in-one with it!!  As I said before, "you done good"!  Thanks again. Sure wish you had another one of those heads."

"I might have my best friend interested in a new driver. I will get some more details and let you know. Also I would like to thank you for your services. I really enjoy my clubs and so does my Father-in-Law. Every time I go golfing everyone wants to know where I got my clubs from. My Father-in-Law says the same thing."

"I did get to use the club (9-wood) Wednesday and was extremely pleased with it's feel and performance. Thank you - another job well done!!" 

"I used driver on Sunday and hit the ball fantastic. Straight down the fairways with good distance. Next time I need clubs made I will call
upon your services."

Just a quick note to let you know that Dad finally went to the Driving Range (weather has been terrible) and really loved the driver that you made for him !!!!!  I'm sure he would love to have you manufacture a set of irons as well."

"A few years back, you made me a fine set of Wishon 550C irons. They have helped my game, been very enjoyable to play and are still in my bag."

"The snake eyes driver hits very strong. I like it as well as the killer bee. Thanks again for building me another club. If anyone asks about the clubs I will tell them about you, and give them your web site."

"I'm very happy right now. I walked away from my round of golf yesterday trying to think of the words that best described what I was feeling after what just happened. All I could think was, I'm very happy right now. I want to thank you for crafting, without a doubt, the best set of irons I have EVER hit. From the way the grips feel to the way the swing feels to the feel of the ball coming off the clubface, everything just feels right. Great clubs, perfect fit."

"Wow, that sucker will absolutely rock and roll! I am hitting this thing 280+ yards! This truly is the best driver I have ever hit!!! You did a fantastic job! I am glad that your web site is on the shaft because I am going to recommend you to anyone who wants to buy a great club. You are the man!!!"

"Ronnie, I finally got to try the ZT Crown Jewel 3 W today at the driving range. I'm not one to exaggerate when it comes to golf, because no one knows better than me the limits of my swing or my equipment (I've been practicing once every week at the range for years!) But I can honestly say this is the best fairway wood I have ever hit. I'm not a BIG hitter; I usually can carry 190-200 at best with a 3W (off a tee). I can carry this club 215-225; 200 off the carpet! This was consistent and with wore out range balls. There is something to be said about the proper shaft for one's particular swing. I can feel this club lagging before impact. I used to be skeptical of clubs without the BIG names (you know the ones). I'm 51 years old, and I still play Wilson Staff and Hogan blades 3-PW (yes I've tried the battle axes!), but I now have a Bang driver, a Sooo Long high loft driver and now a ZT Crown Jewel 3W. I'm still a 18 handicapper, but I don't think I have ever enjoyed golf more than with the aforementioned equipment. I would recommend your clubs to anyone; I know you know your STUFF!"

"The set of irons in 5.5 X project and wedges in Rifle Spinner you made to me 18 months ago are The best clubs I have ever played."

"It took me a couple of rounds to get used to it, but now I'm hitting it fairly straight and long. I've touched 300 yards a few times already! You know your stuff! I couldn't be happier! My buddies are impressed that such a short guy can hit that long. I've told them all about you. Turns out that a friend of mine from Missoula, Mt. is a cousin of the Canadian guy who's only 5'9" and who held the Long Drive title for something like three years. Can't remember his name, but you probably built his club. Anyway, thanks again for the expertise and the club!"

"I wanted to let you know that I've been using the new ZT CJ 7W you built for me and I'm very pleased at how I've been able to hit this club. Although I've only used it four times, each shot has been straighter than I can recall hitting any of my other woods - they also use ZT CJ heads and UST Proforce 65 shafts. I'm not sure of the reason for my being able to make better fairway & tee shots with this wood, but I'm thinking it may have something to do with the swing weight you set the club at, and perhaps the shaft PUREing? I do know that I very much like the feel of the 7W as I can feel the clubhead throughout the entire swing (my other woods feel somewhat light), and possibly that gives me the ability to better control my swing path? I'm just speculating about the reason, but what ever it is I like it!"

"Well I just got done with a round at Goat Hill near my house, which is a very hilly course, hence the name. It is a par 66, great place to practice, lots of shots you need to pick the right club and hit in the right area, due to canyons and hills etc. Of course I only had the 3 wood as my driver today, so I thought why not just go over and get in a round. I shot a 75 which is my best round to date. I can only say that the 3 wood is just exceptional!! I was 250 plus on a lot of the holes where you could drive. I hit that club with a slight draw and a low piercing flight. I also hit it off the fairway on two holes from about 210 out and was close to going over the green. I have to tee the ball right on the ground just like for the irons due to hitting it off the deck so easily. The 18th is a 300 yard hole, straight with some hills, I was 35 yards from the center of the green, never been that close before!! If it weren't for the par 3's out there, I could of just used the 3 wood, my wedges and putter!! I think I am finally hitting with most of my power, can't wait for that Driver!!"

"Just thought you'd like to know that Colleen won the Ladies Club Championship net prize with a score of net 64 (par 69, standard scratch - slope rating to you - 70) off her handicap of 36. Needless to say she now plays off 30! She is using the snake eyes python driver with the same shaft as you put in her 3 wood and hits it miles!"

"I received my clubs today, they look and feel sensational. I've had a quick hit. It's my first hit with a rescue wood, I think I should have got two. I think the wedges will have a big impact on my short game."

"I really am enjoying these 770CFEs. It's taken me a little extra time to get used to the bounce on them, but I hit them very well. It's also takes a little less effort to hit them with these graphite shafts. When I really relax and just swing the club the ball just flies off !!"

"Played a round on Saturday, and shot my best round to date!! Driver is great, the guys I play with get bored watching my drives, because they will be right down the middle. I used to have trouble with fairway woods off the ground, but hit everyone in the air and the direction that I wanted. The 5 wood is great, I like the shaft on it. Both the driver and 5 wood are great clubs. I have practiced twice this week with them and still am very impressed with how they hit."

"The work you did building my clubs 3 years ago was spectacular. The Wishon clubs attract a lot of attention when I play. Many of the golfers I play with try them and enjoy them. I don’t have a favorite club in the bag as I enjoy hitting every club. These clubs have improved my scoring and confidence."

"Well I got to play Torrey Pines South yesterday. Man it is tough, I have more respect for the pros ability now! I played with my friend Rob who lives in Japan now, and was out for a wedding. He used to beat me by 10 strokes. Yesterday he only got me by one. My Iron play was good. I just need to keep learning how to play. The clubs are great. I only flubbed two iron shots, the rest were in the air and hit well. Rob could not believe how I was hitting them and had to grab an iron and check it out and was impressed with the weight etc. So he is now thinking about his next set, I will push him to get a custom set and get them PUREd. All the irons feel the same just different lengths that really help me."

"Sorry its taken a little while to respond - I only got out this weekend to the driving range. Its like cheating - they are so easy to hit it is unreal - great fun, very accurate, and the ball drops beautifully on target. The feel and weight is just right. Thank you so much for these beautiful clubs."

"The clubs arrived yesterday after lunch. I was EXTREMELY tempted to fake being sick when they arrived so I could head straight to the course. I decided that might be a bit obvious since I had them delivered here. I did bolt for the course on the heels of my last student. I hit a bucket and then squeezed in nine holes. I can tell that I have some adjustment period coming, but I am already in love. The biggest thing seems to be a need to more aggressively get "down" on the ball with the 550's. The swings that came together yesterday we're pure heaven. The attack wedge was a great suggestion by the way. I own one now that I rarely carry. Yours was the one club I NEVER mishit right out of the box."

"You have build a set of Snake Eyes clubs for me about 2 years ago. I really like them and meanwhile my handicap went down to 7. As I recommended your service to a young player in my club, I thought, I could just write you a short note, saying thanks for your perfect service. Greetings from Eckenroth."

"Just a quick note to let you know that the clubs perform beyond my expectations. I continue to do well in the monthly medals and my handicap continues to fall (7.7). The driver is 10-15 yards shorter than my Taylor Made but I am so accurate with it who cares - after all, its no good hitting it 300 yards if your next shot is from someone’s pool!" Its really down to getting that shaft just right - both flex and length. Well done - we will be doing the wife next so watch this space and don’t retire yet!"

"I just had to email you to thank you for your snake eyes quick strike utility woods. I've just bought 2 to replace 3 and 4 irons. Unbelievable - second to none feel and so natural to use. Breath-taking. Broke 80 for the first time - long shots into the centre of the green - just not me! Thank you for your skills."

"I've had my clubs for 2 months and they are great. I've got a friend who wants the same set exactly."

"This morning, I drive tested the 3 wood and driver during an intensive 2 hours... AMAZING, your expertise and my game enable us despite 10,000 miles between us to find the optimized combo. If we go-on this way, I will be your best client as we are closed to the perfect fit ! No chance, I am addicted to the Combo RJ/Wishon. The 3 wood is sweet and compact. I do not need to go on full swing speed (like I need for the 5 wood) and the ball just drive 260/270 with range balls... The trajectory is the one I expected with a medium/high (more medium than high but just high enough -do you follow me...? The 14 deg loft is great. I will use this club only from the tee. It looks like an illegal club in the sense that the ball has a very FAST early flight, unbelievable speed from the club head and the roll seems to be crazy long as well. The ball does not float and this is a winner club. Stiff enough but not as stiff as the 5-wood. This is perfect because the 5 wood is great this way (very stiff), especially from the fairway where I tend to have a very compact and fast 3/4 swing for which I need more stiffness. The driver is great as well. 11.5 deg fits my swing perfectly. I do confirm the other 2 drivers with NT Grafalloy were or got a little bit whippy. On some tee shots where I had too much adrenaline and my swing was a bit faster than usual, the ball used to go a little bit right as my hand were on the ball before the club head. This new driver gives me the trajectory I was looking for. A nice high but not too high trajectory. I feel much more in control with this shaft. I know I can work the ball (fade, draw, or big draw without having to trick my stance as I had to do a bit with the past 2 drivers. However, please note the 2 past drivers were already beautiful high performance drivers compared to any OEM. This 11.5 deg is fantastic in term of confidence as I know where the ball will go. I hit 80/90 drives with it this morning and I know I will use it with downwind tee shot or on wide fairways. The distance is nice as I drove this baby with range balls to 270/280."

"These clubs have enabled me to play my best golf ever. The Killer Bee driver has given me distance and consistent accuracy so my approach shots are getting very close. The Wishons too are a joy - they allow an easy effortless swing which is producing amazing distance and accuracy even from not-too-good lies. I won my competition last week."

"You made a snake eyes driver for me several months ago. Just wanted to let you know that I think it is great. I hit the ball farther and what I really like is I hit it straighter with fewer mishits. It has about eliminated my slice."

"We've finally had a few weeks of good weather during which I've been able to play several times, take a lesson, and hit a lot of practice balls with the new clubs that you designed and built. They are truly amazing. I've added 30 or more yards to my driver with much greater accuracy. The irons I'm now hitting as far as before, and getting longer, with greatly improved consistency and accuracy. The trajectory and forgiveness of all is unbelievable. You are truly a magician."

"Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the clubs. They suit my game wonderfully and I am now down to 8.4 and playing the best golf ever. I would be pleased to endorse the clubs and your workmanship to anyone."

"The SW feels very good around the practice greens and the touch (stiffer) is very nice in term of chipping. Out of the bunker, this is a true great combo. I like the weight in this instance. I did hit 2 buckets of SW from 40 to 80 yards and I start to get used to his stiffness. I just need to punch/pinch the ball. I am not yet there but it is improving. The driver is still a winner, a major improvement. I trust your comments regarding the shaft NT as I did not know before neither the TWGT Driver head and this particular shaft. I am delighted with it. I guess, it will give me, on top of a constant mid straight/draw flight, 20 to 25 yards advantage which is phenomenal. The roll with a real ball should be of 20/30 yards. The turf here is not dry nor greasy, just smooth. Also, I have read a lot of bad comments regarding the noise but I did not find the noise to be annoying. I enjoy very much the 550 series and especially the 7/8/9/PW. Once again, they are very, very accurate. I work the ball the way I want. The trajectory is mid/high penetrating draw that accelerate at two third of the flight. I like it very much. I think I have to get used to the shaft. They feel stiffer than my previous 6.0 but still comfortable. I feel like I need to be at a minimum 95 mph swing speed to get the best out of it. Mishit does not loose too much distance though (10 yards) and almost no loss in accuracy (less than 10 yards as well). The comfort given on iron 3 through 5 is great thanks to the cavity head. Thinking about it, I guess the 3 iron was not necessary here in Dubai due to the nice weather condition but I will use it in Europe against wind on long par 3s where a low flight is required, especially on Normandy links !!!!."

"I have spent the afternoon at the practice where I hit about 320 balls....(8 buckets of 40 balls): Driver: As mentioned earlier, the set-up gives a lot of confidence. Right away, I got a good feeling at address with the club in hand. The trajectory is Mid/low boring as wanted. Out of 50 balls, a couple of hooks, a couple of fade, no slice and balance with a slight draw or a nice heavy draw. I am in love with it as the roll (despite average practice balls) was huge. I had a lot of drives with a carry of 250/260 reaching after 270/280 yards. Can't wait for playing Saturday with real balls... I felt the GRT effect especially on hits on the lower part of the face. I am really happy with the combo. I feel (a subjective opinion) that club face always come back square. To conclude, I feel also that I can even accelerate more in the ball if required for extra distance without losing the balance of my swing nor losing control. I will say this driver gives a lot of control and that is great. The Irons: I hit everything from 3 to PW. As per the driver, the idea of Control is the main one. As I was curious to see the trajectory, the first 2 buckets were a bit disappointing as my swing was suffering from my head moves... after reaching a more patient approach (head down), I started hitting solid and pure shots with 4/5 irons. I will take me some time to get used to the distance but I like very much the ball contact with the 550C. The flight is mid with a nice penetration. The 550M are true laser guided weapons. I hit 150 balls on those blades. I am very happy with the given feel at impact. They give me a kind of natural draw. It is too early for me to say that those blades are sweet as butter but I know right at impact where the ball is going. I had a few mishits (thin shots) but without sacrificing too much distance. 8/9/PW are true killers for the time being. Overall, it will take time to be fully confident and get the new yardage but the sensations of being able to work the ball (fade or draw) is very nice as I know, once again, the confidence will grow up with time. Overall, the shaft is responding properly and is as stiff as requested. I can feel it is almost a 6.0 !!! I feel that the Rifle Project X is stiffer in the tip than his brother Rifle. Wedges: I like very much the Gap wedge. I had a lot of punched/2/3 swings with it and I like very much the feed back. The Golf pride grips are very good. I get a lot of spin also which I like. My only concern tonight was the 56 deg. As it is shorter than my previous owned wedge, I had a hard time to find the right position at address. Although I found it a bit boardy.. I do not know if it because of the shorter shaft. Anyhow, I will have to practice and play a lot to really get the essence of this set. A lot of people asked me who was this brand. One idiot was sure they were Mizuno because of the inverted M on the back of the club head !!! I told them it meant Wishon. Conclusion: Thank you Ronnie for your state of the art club making support. Your advises were sound !!"

"Would just like to thank you for supplying the 2 quick strike Snake Eyes. I won my first prize with them last Friday, where I managed to score 13 points on 5 Par 3's. Bottle of champagne and 2 lead crystal glasses, and my handicap is now down to 22; I am aiming for 20 by the end of the year and then middle teens next year. The clubs have totally changed my game as I am now more confident and I am getting to the green in 2/3."

"Sorry for the delay on the update but I must let you know after trying it out over a few rounds I have never drove the ball more consistently, I am really pleased and the build is great."

"Got the clubs yesterday. I could not wait, went out to the driving range at lunch. That 12 degree loft punches that ball out there !! I hit ‘em pretty good. Usually I don’t have such luck with clubs right away. They usually take some getting use to but this one fits me fine! Thanks for your help! I'll spread your web site around Maui."

"I'm hitting my 600T-J 200 to 225 yards straight (lots of fairways). I happy with the club. On the Quick Strike 23 deg about 150 yards and 106 to 165 on the 27 deg. Good ball flight and straight."

"The tournament yesterday was successful. I played two strokes less than my handicap and I would have had an exceptional round, if I would not have had spoiled two holes (I played 8 over Par, but 6 over on two holes). I mad two real bad shots: one with the driver and the other one was a 5 wood. Both happened on holes 15 and 16 (and 15 is an easy Par 5 ...) I played two birdies. It was no problem at all, playing the 6-iron (so I was really tired the day before, when I struggled with it). The shots to the green have been very good. I think, precision is what I like most with the clubs and I get exceptional spin (might be even too much) on the ball. I switched from ProV1 to the ProV1* to reduce spin a bit. So all in all, I am really happy about the new clubs - thanks again for your good job!"

"Oh my!!!!!!!! Roll the dice... Snake eyes are coming out... I worked on a different set-up, slightly open on the face and stance... They should have called it Power Launch... I was crushing the ball... A good 25 yards deeper than usual and in play which is obviously the key. Add to that, I feel that I did not get it all yet... Once I really get it dialed in, I might add another 20 or so... Lots of compliments from my buddies... on the looks too... IMPRESSIVE"

"I have now played with my new snake eyes irons in a little month. They are very good I think. Easy to play with, easy to hit long and straight and the same time easy to draw and fade. A very good iron I think."

"The Pythons are fantastic! I shot a 43 on the back nine yesterday and today I shot my low score ever an 87. It's hard to hit a bad shot with these clubs. Distance and ball flight are right where they should be. Thanks again there are beautiful clubs."

"Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the clubs you made for me around Christmas. Now that I have used them extensively I can say they have greatly improved my game. You should be very proud of the work you do."

"Went to the driving range on Sunday and hit a zillon balls. Started with SW and worked my way through all the clubs. Hit from the grass and WOW! Hardly had a miss hit and those that were still made it towards my target. Feel is like nothing I've ever used. The only thing is there no sound of the ball striking the club. All you hear is the swish of the club going through the air. Strange, if you ask me, but hit 'em high and far. The driving range wasn't a good test of distance. Balls are a zillion years old, but the distance increases as you hit longer irons consistently. So, it's a fair judge of what's happening. Went this morning out to the course. Shot a 74! Now, at the driving range bought a dozen Titleist Pro V1s and they react as advertised. High with an incredible soft landing on the green. It's actually amazing to witness the ball traveling 190 yds after hitting a 4 iron and seeing it soar a zillion miles in the air and then hit the green and almost stop on a dime. My mishits with the irons were almost nil. Again, no sound. But, got used to that. The grips are great. My hands felt a zillion times less fatigued than before. Need to get a 3 iron. Lots of long par 4s (430 to 460) and the par 3s are 180 - 210. Second shot was a little too long for 4 iron and too short for my 3 wood.  Was in between clubs a lot. My drives weren't as long today. Wind in the face most of the time. Distance with the irons was about 10yds longer (could it be the ball????) but soooo high. I thought I hit 'em high before but geeze!  Had a slight problem around the green with the PW wasn't too consistent but figure that'll take so time to get used to the feel. Hit my SW about 80 to 90 yards. and add 20 yards per club."

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