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Tom Wishon Golf Clubs   WISHON GRIPS
Also, I can use any grip sold by such as Golf Pride, Winn, Lamkin and others
Wishon 2015 Grips

GRIP CORE DIA (inches) UPPER HAND DIA (inches) LOWER HAND DIA (inches)
 V-Series Men's Lightweight 37 (NOT AVAIL)      
 V-Series Red/Black Men's Standard 0.600 0.915 0.835
 V-Series All-Red Men's Standard  (NOT AVAIL)      
 V-Series Blk Men's Std or Oversize or Women's Std 0.600 0.915 (M), 0.940 (M OVZ), 0.855 (W)  0.835 (M), 0.855 (M OVZ), 0.765 (W)
 V-Series Burgundy Men's or Women's Standard 0.600 0.915 (M), 0.855 (W) 0.835 (M), 0.765 (W)
 V-Series Reduced Quarter Cord for Men  0.600 0.915 0.835
 Tac-Feel Red/Black Men's Standard  (NOT AVAIL)      
 V-Series Slim Paddle Putter  (NOT AVAIL)      
 TWGT Mid Size Putter  0.600 1.120 1.000
 TWGT Super Jumbo   0.600 1.500 1.500
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