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Precision TWGT Heel/Toe Putter Designs with CNC Milled face and CNC Milled Sole.  Double CNC milled face for precision face flatness to ensure accuracy.  Three-level CNC milled sole elevates the leading and trailing edges of the sole to eliminate "scuffing" the putter during the stroke and enhances an upward angle of attack into the putt -- proven to be the key to consistent roll.  Platinum nickel finish provides a beautiful, high quality, non-glare appearance.  Model 5 provides face grooves for enhanced roll.  Material is 17-4 Stainless Steel.  With steel putter shaft, Wishon Mid Size or Super Jumbo grip and putter headcover... $169 + S&H.  Email me for quote or questions.

                             S2R-1 S2R-3 S2R-5
Wishon S2R Putter Wishon S2R Putter Wishon S2R Putter

Model Hand Loft Lie Head Weight Face Height Blade Length
1 RH 71° 345g 23.5mm 110mm
3 RH 72° 345g 25.0mm 104mm
5 RH 3.5° 90° (Note) 355g 24.0mm 110mm
Note:  Model 5 lie 72° with double bend shaft or 73° with single bend
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